Capcom Confirms Multiple Next-Generation Video Games Are In Development

Capcom has been around for decades and when each system releases comes with a slew of new exciting video game releases. We know that the next generation of consoles is coming from both Microsoft and Sony. That’s no surprise and it shouldn’t be a surprise from gamers to hear that some of the big AAA video game developers are already working on the next set of video game titles to release on the upcoming hardware. One of those developers is Capcom who has recently revealed that there are multiple video game titles in the works right now. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the scoop as to what titles are included in that bunch.

When it comes to Capcom, they recently released a huge hit, Resident Evil 2 Remake. This came after the latest installment to the franchise, Resident Evil 7. However, both of these games are attached to a new game engine from Capcom came up with to build up their latest titles. Known as RE Engine, the game engine was developed to create Resident Evil 7 but was later used to craft up Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 Remake.

This engine has developed some very detailed and fluid looking video game titles and it’s not surprising to see it continue on. Apparently, during an investors Q&A with Capcom, the development team confirmed that the engine was developed in mind for next-generation hardware so that making the transition was smooth. This transition is so smooth that the development team is already working on new generation video game titles.

The development studio would not confirm just how many video game titles are being worked on at the moment or their release windows, but that there are several titles being developed internally through the use of the RE Engine. Do you think we will get a reveal of what one of those upcoming video game titles will be during E3 2019?


Source: GameSpot