Ubisoft Officially Announces That Skull and Bones Delayed; Will Not Release in 2019


Ubisoft’s newest IP, Skull and Bones, will be heading back to the development studio as the company announced today that the game is officially delayed and will not be released in 2019.

Producer on the titular game, Karl Luhe, notes in the video that he and the team are focused on quality and will have to ensure they come through on that promise by delaying the game and continue polishing it off. The game will not appear at this years E3, and at the moments, it will be planning to release sometime in mid-2020.

Check out the official announcement of the delay for Skull and Bones down below:

There hasn’t been much talk about the new IP from Ubisoft, but in case you missed out on the announcement back at E3 2017, here’s what you can expect from the game when it does officially launch one day:

• Test your pirate skills by competing against both powerful factions and rival players for the riches of the Indian Ocean.
• It’s your choice: hunt solo as a lone wolf, or team up with a pirate gang and dominate across different game modes.

• Become the ultimate pirate with Skull & Bones’ RPG-like progression system. Choose the ship best suited to your playstyle & upgrade it, using the loot you have plundered. Make the best choices for your equipment, weapons & crew.
• Harness the innovative wind system in order to approach combat your way with a wide number of tactical options at your disposal.

• As you venture forth, you’ll discover the Indian Ocean is never tranquil and that the PvPvE shared world of Skull & Bones is systemic and ever-evolving.
• Fortunes will give insight into changes in Weather, Conflict, and even upcoming Cataclysms.

With Skull and Bones officially delayed out of 2019, what are you planning on filling the void? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter