Square Enix Is Focusing On New IP Going Forward

Square Enix is a well-known name as it delivered countless classic video game franchises. However, if you are looking for something new from the company then you may just be in luck. In a recent financial report from the company for their 2018 year, it was alerted to the investors that we would see new original IPs from the company going forward. That may not mean we won’t see the various classic franchise get picked back up and released from time-to-time, but it does mean that the company is looking to broaden their catalog of potential money-making franchises.

Square Enix already attempted a few new IPs this past year with the release of projects like The Quiet Man and Octopath Traveler. Despite only Octopath Traveler being their main success from the new catalog of IPs, this title was an explosive hit. It’s likely that the success Square Enix saw from Octopath Traveler has given them enough attention to warrant more risks for the future.

Again, that’s not to say we won’t see other titles get picked back up and used again for future installments. I believe video games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are also good contenders for seeing new installments in some shape or form while being mixed in with the brand new additions.

At any rate, what do you think we’ll see from Square Enix come time for E3 this year? It’s a good platform for companies to make their presence known for gamers around the world and with companies like EA and Sony stepping away this year, it could leave the likes of Square Enix to really bring out a nice collection of upcoming video game reveals.

Source: Square Enix, PlayStation LifeStyle