Development Studio Behind Echo Has Closed Down

The development studio that released the 2017 action-stealth title, Echo, has closed their doors. Ulta Ultra was an indie studio that only managed to only release the one title which was a game that saw mediocre sales despite some positive critic feedback. Overall, the game followed players around as they complete puzzles and deal with enemies that would adapt over time depending on the actions you make within the game.

Now it looks like the developers are not able to keep their doors open to continue on any further projects as they announced the studio closure through their official Twitter account. In the statements given, Ultra Ultra revealed that while they are grateful to have had the chance to create something unique for gamers to enjoy, they are closing their doors. That also comes with a couple follow up statements made by the developers.

Apparently, gamers who are familiar with Echo may have remembered that the studio also had a film in the works which would be adapting the game narrative. Even though the development studio has closed down, the film is still in the works. No further details were given as to when or what we can expect from the studio.

Furthermore, we may see Echo get a new release on the Epic Games Store. Not as an exclusive, but simply a game being readily available for the launcher if gamers wish to purchase it through Epic. The release date has not been revealed as the creators behind Echo is still in the talks with them at the current moment.


Source: Twitter