Microsoft Now Owns ‘Xbone’ Domain

After Microsoft announced the existence of the Xbox One, millions of people had one, big question on their minds: what nickname will the average person give this thing? The PlayStation 4 was quickly called the PS4, thanks to tradition. But it didn’t make sense to just follow the Xbox 360’s naming convention and call Microsoft’s latest product “the One.” Instead, the community seemed to settle on Xbone which, as you’d guess, probably hasn’t been Microsoft’s favorite new name.

So, months after the unveiling of the next-gen console, the company has decided to simply acquire the domain for instead of letting the world do its worst with the title. It was Fusible that discovered the WHOIS records showing the Microsoft Corporation as the owner of, which was originally registered back in 2000. This has all happened the same week that director of Xbox Live programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb said the nickname "disrespects" developers, so the timing does seem a bit bizarre.

Why doesn’t Major Nelson appreciate the name, though? His recent NeoGaf post on the issue gives a clear picture of his feelings.

"I don't like it… it disrespects the teams that have put thousands of hours (already) into the development of the product,” he said of the name Xbone. “Sure, it's cheeky, but I don't care for it myself."

Unfortunately for Major Nelson and Microsoft, it’s a name that will stick with the console for many years to come.