PS4 Predicted to Dominate Console Market by 2018, Hold 55 Percent Share

Most people have their minds set on 2013, which is the year that we’ll finally be able to see the Xbox One and PS4 duke it out in the same month. There are plenty of storylines going in to the consoles war, and likely dozens more to pop up over the next twelve month, but analysts can’t just dwell on the present. The future of the industry is where these professionals’ heads are at, and by 2018, global cooperation DFC predicts that the PlayStation 4 will control 55 percent of the available market share.

Considering the popularity of the Xbox 360 and Wii during the current console cycle, this is a bold claim. The PS3 never grabbed North American audiences like many people thought it would, but with Sony preparing for its biggest launch and the company also holding a significant amount of good will from the consumers, industry experts expect this console war to be dominated by the PlayStation maker. The above pie chart, which was first shown during a Fox Business interview with Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton, has Microsoft in earning just 30 percent of the gaming industry, while Nintendo is simply fighting for the remaining 15 percent. Of course, this is all educated guessing from people who can’t really know what the future holds, but it’s still interesting to see numbers like these from paid experts.

Do you see this as an accurate representation of what’s to come? 2018 is well down the road, but it never hurts to make a prediction.