Devil May Cry Is Heading To Nintendo Switch This Summer

If you’re fans of the Devil May Cry franchise then chances are you already have gone through the latest main installment to have released, Devil May Cry 5. The video game launched earlier this year to much success and delight for both original old school Devil May Cry fans along with newcomers today. However, it looks like we may see the original Devil May Cry video game make a return.

The Nintendo Switch does not have any shortages of new video games to enjoy along with ports from previous hit titles. However, we got a surprise announcement from the official Devil May Cry video game Twitter account where it was revealed that the first Devil May Cry video game will be heading to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Devil May Cry follows Dante a demon hunter who goes on a new journey to defeat a powerful demon lord. The game released back in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 but has since been on current generation consoles through an HD collection. However, we can expect the game to release once again on the Nintendo Switch sometime this summer. What we hope to see announced is an HD collection for the rest of the titles for the Nintendo Switch as well which should help some newcomers to the franchise but as of right now it seems that only the first game of the series has been confirmed.

Source: Twitter