Latest Days Gone 1.07 Patch Fixes Previous 1.06 Patch Causing Unexpected Crashes

patch notes

Bend Studio has issued another update for their recently released post-apocalyptic title that will hopefully fix the previously released patch.

Yes, it seems that patch 1.06 had an issue embedded into its core as it did bring fixes to the game, it also caused the game to crash and bring players back to the dashboard. It happened to be a couple of times, actually, so it is nice that Bend Studio fixed it right away with the latest update 1.07.

If you ever have any specific bugs you run into, or if your game crashes, developer Bend Studio set up a subreddit for all users to send their issues with the game. So if you want to see it get fixed, make sure to head over to the subreddit and submit the issue, and hopefully, the developers fix the issue relatively quickly.

In related news, the previous patch notes have fixed a couple of much-needed things like audio drop-in and drop-out, lag for certain areas, and much more. If you want to learn more about the previous Days Gone update, click here!

Days Gone is now available for the PS4. Have you been playing the new Bend Studio title? Let us know what you think of it so far in the comments below!

Source: Reddit