Epic Games Store Latest Free Title World of Goo Now Available

Epic Games has really entered the digital PC marketplace this year and delivered some real competition against Valve’s Steam marketplace. For better or for worse, this launcher doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon and it’s certainly giving incentives for both developers along with gamers to use their storefront. Today gamers can download the latest free title and own it forever, which is World of Goo.

As mentioned, Epic Games Store has a few incentives for both developers and gamers. For developers, there is a larger revenue share compared to Steam which ultimately means more money for the development studio. Likewise, Epic Games has gone out of their way to secure exclusives or timed exclusive on the PC platform meaning those who have Steam may not find an upcoming release readily available. That particular story has been covered quite a bit so chances are you already know the ins and outs of that subject, but if not you can watch our video on the matter below.

One of the reasons that gamers may download and use the launcher client is simply for the free video game title releases. Every two weeks Epic Games releases a video game title for players to enjoy. These games can be downloaded and stored in your library forever. In the past, we have seen video game releases such as The Witness, Oxenfree, Super Meat Boy, and Subnautica. Today gamers can download World of Goo, which is a physics puzzle type game. This game will be available for the next two weeks where afterward we already have the next game lined up, Stories Untold.

Source: Epic Games Store