Ubisoft Will Offer Compensation Over Gamer Surveys


The way we gather information for video games and announcements have changed over the years. For instance, we have E3 coming up and at one point that was the go-to place for big video game news. Media, analysts, and investors would gather to private briefings. From there the news would trickle out to the public in the form of print media, televised events to now 24/7 online publications. This has allowed some changes made to how some companies opted to showcase their announcements.  Now it looks like Ubisoft may have a new way to get some information out while getting the feedback they’re seeking from those who play their video games.

Going back to our point about E3, we have some companies opting out from the expo altogether. It started with Nintendo not holding their live press conference briefings for new video upload to showcase their content. Now we have Sony and EA both opting out of the expo for other alternative means to showcase their upcoming content this year. Now thanks to a report from Gamerant, it appears that Ubisoft may have some upcoming changes in how they advertise their video games.

According to the report, Ubisoft has begun to send out emails asking for their fans to participate in surveys which would ask about how they discover new Ubisoft video game titles. As a result, this feedback will alter some of the marketing campaigns they pursue for future releases and announcements. However, there is a bit more of an incentive for gamers to sign up to partake in these surveys.

Apparently, Ubisoft claims that those selected and progress through the survey will be paid. Now we don’t know how the compensation will actually play out such as if this would be something digital to use towards the Ubisoft store or Uplay launcher.

Source: Gamerant