“Creating Deacon’s Bike” In Days Gone is Super Integral to the Game; New Trailer Released

days gone

Sony’s next big upcoming exclusive is Bend Studios post-apocalyptic zombie title, Days Gone. In the latest trailer, we get to see an even deeper look into creating one of the most pivotal pieces in the game — Deacon’s motorcycle bike.

As Bend Studio notes — and has been conveying for the last couple of trailers — is that Deacon’s bike will be super integral to the game. Making upgrades so you can ride faster, quieter or more efficiently on gas will be primary tasks the player will be dealing with.

Escaping a world filled with zombies on a motorcycle is nice, but it is a double-edged sword as it makes noise that attracts them as well. It seems Days Gone will tackle all these types of environmental storytelling components in the game.

Check out the new trailer down below:

Bend Studio’s John Garvin took to the PS Blog to detail how important the bike is in Days Gone, check it out down below:

Everything about Deacon’s bike is related to surviving a world that’s trying to kill you. It’s the fuel tank so that you don’t run out of gas. It’s the muffler so that you don’t make as much noise. It’s the saddle bags so you can carry more ammo. It’s the nitrous boost so you can gain extra bursts of speed when you’re trying to get away from Runners. It’s the frame of the bike for durability so that you can take more damage.
And there’s nothing more terrifying than being low on gas, and suddenly, you hear a snarling growl behind you, and you realize that you’re being chased down by Runners, which are infected wolves, and they can run faster than your bike if you haven’t upgraded it, and they can knock you off your bike.

In related news, Sony and Bend Studio released another trailer for the game, that was an in-depth look at Deacon’s bike. If you want to get even more information about the obviously integral mechanic in the game, check out the full post right here!

Days Gone is set to release exclusively for the PS4 on April 26. Are you excited about the upcoming title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog