Rage 2 Receives 11-Minute Long Gameplay Footage; Showcases Vehicle Combat, Super Powers, and More

Bethesda and IGN have partnered up to bring some new gameplay footage for their highly anticipated post-apocalyptic shooter, Rage 2.

Rage 2 is looking pretty chaotic, and with a lot of hype surrounding the game, Bethesda has some pretty high hopes from the gaming community. However, each time the show off the game, it proves that there should be nothing to worry about as the game is shaping out to be great!

In the new exclusive IGN gameplay footage, viewers can see some new vehicle gameplay, superpowers in action and the iconic Doom weapon the BFG 9000!

Check out the new Rage 2 gameplay video down below:

In related news, Bethesda released a 9-minute gameplay session with some of the developers showcasing the game in action. The gameplay for Rage 2 looks amazing, it has a fast paced feeling to it and combine that with crazy guns, powerups, and hordes of enemies and I’ll be there as day one buyer! Check out the 9-minute gameplay session right here!

Rage 2 is set to release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 14. Are you excited for the upcoming shooter? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN