PlayStation 5 Patent Reveals Potential Digital Trade-In Feature


The next generation consoles have been talked about for a while now since we are getting closer to E3, a likely setting which Microsoft will unveil their next console to the world. While Sony won’t be there to present their next generation console, this hasn’t stopped gamers from speculating at what the PlayStation 5 will include along with searching around any evidence. Today we’re finding out about a patent submitted from Sony that could showcase a new means to trade video games.

Patents are very common and it’s just a means to showcase ideas that companies have an interest in. These patents could very well not actually come to fruition and this wouldn’t be the first patent discovered from Sony. In the past, there have been reports of patents in which Sony had an idea on backward compatibility feature for a console which could indicate the PlayStation 5 may offer the ability to play some of the previous console generations from Sony.

This latest one deals with the digital video game titles. Gamers who purchase physical copies have had the ability to gift the copy later to a friend or sell it. Digital gamers will soon have the ability to make some extra cash from giving up their title after they are don’t playing with it. Sony ‘s latest patent deals with digital trade-ins, but there are plenty of questions left for Sony to answer.

For instance, how will this marketplace work, will there be set values and could this title be traded in endlessly? Again, this is just a patent so we very well may not see this feature in the PlayStation 5 so we’ll have to wait and see just what Sony ends up bringing to the table.

Source: US Patent Office, Gamerant