Apple Announces New Subscription-Based Mobile Game Service, Apple Arcade; Set to Launch in Fall 2019

apple arcade

Apple has announced a new gaming streaming service for their Apple users, which will be called Apple Arcade. The new service is said to come with loads of new indie games, both widely known titles and new hidden gems.

The service is set to launch later this year in the Fall and will include 100 exclusive titles to the service. Apple notes that there are hundreds of thousands of games on the App Store and with so many being free to play, many of the ones that are hidden behind a paywall get overlooked. Apple is looking to erase that problem by giving users a new subscription based service that will grant access to hundreds of paid games.

Check out the Apple Arcade preview trailer down below:

Apple on the new subscription-based service:

The App Store is the world’s most successful and vibrant gaming platform with nearly 300,000 free and paid games. Free games, supported by advertising or in-app purchases, are enjoyed by hundreds of millions of players around the world. Paid games are often critically acclaimed and beloved by the people who play them, but competing with free is hard, so even the best of these games have only reached a smaller audience.

With the simplicity of a single subscription, Apple Arcade will bring games like these to the App Store’s more than 1 billion gaming customers. Apple Arcade is the perfect complement to the already enormously popular catalog of free games on the App Store, making iOS the premier gaming platform for players of all ages.

Apple Arcade will include games that the company invests in, so players won’t be getting a serviced filled with rubbish, but rather a collection of great new games that can be played on any iOS device. We don’t know how much the service will cost, but with it releasing sometime this Fall, the prices should start to trickle out. Check out the full details on the new service from Apple themselves right here!

Are you excited to see what Apple Arcade is all about when it launches later this year? Let us know what you’re hoping to come out of the new service in the comments below!

Source: YouTube,Apple