Google Talks Exclusives For Upcoming Stadia Platform

By now you all are probably well informed about the Google Stadia announcement. This is Google’s attempt at breaking into the video game industry after previously offering the public test a streaming service of theirs out. This streaming service allowed gamers access to Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and as a result, Google received plenty of data needed for their streaming project. Now after a short few months later we are given the reveal of Google Stadia, a gaming platform that is done strictly through streaming.

Much like how gamers are used to PlayStation Now, Google Stadia offers another means to enjoy video game titles without needing a powerful system to back it up. Gamers will be able to enjoy titles that would have previously required a gaming PC to run simply by having a device that can connect to the internet. While this platform is still new and more information is likely to be unveiled in the coming months, we do have some information regarding exclusives.

In an interview between GameSpot and Google’s VP Phil Harrison, we now know that Google is not really pushing exclusives. Instead, only Google created titles will be exclusive and so far we only know of one studio that’s working on content. This studio is being run under control of Jade Raymond, a former overseer of both Ubisoft and EA. While it looks like the platform service will have some type of exclusive to entice players over, we’re still left wondering just what this will cost players.

So far pricing has not to be unveiled so we don’t know if this service will fetch a high price or if there will be different tiers to enjoy the content. This may not even matter as the service could prove to be too costly for those who are on a fixed data cap amount or lack access to online capabilities.

[Source: GameSpot]