Stan Lee Features in Latest LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Trailer

Marvel comics' legend Stan Lee features in the newest trailer for LEGO Marvel: Super Heroes asking when "At what point do I stop being a cameo and start being the star?" – a reference to his frequent appearances in Marvel movies.

Lee is featured recording his own lines for the game, and yes, he does star as a LEGO figurine. We also see the comics maestro transforming into a Hulk-like hero and shooting lasers out of his eyes. He says his superpower is probably luck and he considers himself very lucky to be included in the game. 

You can see the video below.

In another trailer, which explores some of the game's story, we learn of Doctor Doom's attempts to take over the world with his Doomray of Doom. 

LEGO Marvel: Super Heroes is set to be released on 3DS, PC. PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and Xbox One this October though of course the next-gen versions will be getting a November launch.