Timesplitters Rewind In Development for PS4 – Pending Approval

Timesplitters Rewind, an HD remake/remix of sorts for the classic shooter series, is now confirmed to be in development for the Playstation 4. The dev team hasn’t actually gotten the OK from Sony yet, but are doing the optimizations needed thanks to the CryEngine.

To make things clear, Timesplitters Rewind is not Timesplitters 4. What it will be is a collection of maps, guns, and other assets from all three games in the series, to be remade in HD and playable in online multiplayer. You can check out an early development video demonstrating their use of the CryEngine below.

Now, Crytek are the current owners of the Timesplitters IP, and although they have yet to act on a petition for them to make a new Timesplitters game, they have agreed to give Pantheonyx, which is really a group of fans who have banded together to work part time, permission to make Timesplitters Rewind. As part of the deal, Crytek even gave them free use of their engine.

Last April, Pantheonyx explained in an FAQ on their Facebook page that they cannot bring the game to any consoles as part of the agreement with Crytek. The game will be completely non-profit (in fact, they are asking for donations for server upkeep from fellow fans) and, of course, to port it to consoles would mean a change in those conditions.

In a new interview, Pantheonyx explains they decided to go ahead and start development for the game for the Playstation 4 without asking permission yet. They are basically going on faith that Crytek and Sony will give them permission when the time comes.

As of the moment, they are 20 % done with the game, with a playable alpha to be ready by this holiday.

Image is from Timesplitters 2.

Source: Cinemablend