Reports Claim Anthem Bricks Consoles While EA Investigates

Anthem was one of the more anticipated video game title release of 2019. Gamers worldwide were ready to jump into a BioWare title and explore the deep lore and gameplay the development team has been working on for a number of years. Unfortunately, when the game came out it was met with a ton of criticisms from both critics and fans alike. Likewise, a new more serious issue has presented itself to gamers who log online to enjoy the game. Apparently, a bug is causing not only the game to crash but entire systems to potentially brick.

This is a big scare for those who are interested in playing the game. Now, these are merely reports online and nothing really official was given out yet to back up these claims. We’re not entirely sure just what platforms or consoles, in particular, are more likely to crash and brick but it seems that over the past couple days, more forum posts, tweets, and comments have been posted online stating that their console either shut down completely to no longer being powered up.

For example, Reddit user JamesPeterson91 went online to make note of their PlayStation 4 bricking after an Anthem crash. Apparently, after playing a few hours of Anthem, the PlayStation 4 froze and crashed. This left the console to no longer power up and after speaking with Sony PlayStation support, the user was told that Anthem may not be to blame for the console bricking. Furthermore, the claim goes on to say that Sony wouldn’t refund the game and that the game console would require the user to pay for the repairs if he sends the unit in.

Again, these are claims online right now and we’re certainly interested in finding out if Anthem is actually causing systems to brick. If this is the case, then would the gamer be a fault for enjoying the title? We’re not sure this is certainly interesting nonetheless and we’ll, of course, keep you posted on the latest. Either way, EA has made note on their Twitter support and stated that they are investigating the problem.

[Source: Reddit; EA]