Gears 5 Is Looking Great According To Phil Spencer

If you’ve been waiting for one of the more anticipated video game exclusives from Microsoft, Gears 5, then the latest news from Phil Spencer may prove that everything is according to plan. Phil Spencer, for those unaware, is the executive vice-president of the gaming division within Microsoft and it was revealed on Twitter that the prominent Microsoft member will be visiting the development studio currently working on the game. As a result, we did get a brief little nod about the game progression in its current state.

Phil Spencer is known to communicate with his followers so when he announced on Twitter that he would be vision Coalition’s offices to see the development team and Gears 5, formerly known as Gears of War 5 online, fans started to chime in. One said that it’s a shame we the gamers wouldn’t be able to see any of Gears 5 in which Phil stated that he would work on sneaking out a photo or two if the studio head, Rod Fergusson didn’t notice. Well, we got a small photo of a crew working on the title with a small note attached that Gears 5 is looking great.

We know that the game will center on Kait Diaz, a female member of the COG Army. Early on within the narrative, it seems that Kait is having terrible dreams leading to visions and it’s left her to disobey orders to seek out the meaning of these visions. Through her journey, players will learn of the true origins of the Locust.

Currently, the game is slated to launch within this year and it would be up for release on PC and Xbox One both. We’re likely to get plenty of new information revealed during E3 this year so be sure to keep on the lookout for it during Microsoft’s press conference. With that said, E3 will be set on June 11, 2019, and will go through June 13, 2019.

[Source: Phil Spencer]