Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Will Be Shown Off At Star Wars Celebration 2019

Star Wars fans can rejoice as Star Wars Celebration is slowly upon us. This event is held within Chicago, IL, where it holds a wide range of events, exclusive merchandise, cosplay competitions, a wide range of guests, and this year, a big video game reveal. The game we’re referring to is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, a title which was being developed under Respawn Entertainment, though very few details were released for the game.

As a result of its secrecy, gamers have been hoping that all the big events related to video games would bring in some type of new information regarding the title. Last year during E3 2018, we got a slight small bit of news such as the game’s title and a small premise. We know that the game will take place shortly after Order 66 where players take on the role of a Jedi Padawan that survived the attack. It’s a dark time for the Jedi order as the remaining few were hunted down and as a result, evil reigns with full control. Outside of that small bit of information, we really don’t have anything else to go off from. But that will soon change.

It was revealed that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order will be present during the Star Wars Celebration event held this year in Chicago, IL. We don’t know the capacity of the game reveal such as if we’ll have the first trailer, gameplay footage or if attendees there will be able to try the game out. At any rate, we at least have a concrete date of when the game will be unveiled in hopefully a bit more detail than the small few comments made by Respawn Entertainment at E3 2018.

Currently, Star Wars Celebration 2019 is set to begin on April 13, 2019. Are you attending the event or are you just waiting for the news to hit online? We’ll, of course, keep you posted at the very latest developments right here on

[Source: Star Wars]