Will Google Run More Tests For Project Stream This Year?

Video games evolve over the years as newer hardware for developers to work with. However, over the years we’ve also seen changes to how we enjoy video game titles in general. From cartridges to discs and even digital releases, the next big change may be streaming. We’ve already seen a few services pop up that allows gamers to enjoy video game titles without actually having to own a physical copy or download the software. Instead, the gameplay is streamed online giving players access to a video game instantly much like how streaming movies are done today with services like Netflix.

This method is still relatively new and there haven’t been too many competitors to deliver a streaming service for video game titles but that may soon change. For instance, Google has been working on a service known as Project Stream which would allow gamers to stream video game titles right on the Google Chrome web browser. This would eliminate the need to have the appropriate hardware and configurations before being able to play a graphically demanding title.

In the past year, we’ve seen Google seek out gamers online to test their Project Stream service by offering Assassin’s Creed Odyssey completely for free. From the sound of things, this test went well as Google is preparing to feature Project Stream throughout this year though details as to what we can expect are unclear. For instance, we don’t know if this means more testing, offering newer titles to enjoy or potentially news regarding Google stepping in with their own video game streaming service details.

Google is a giant corporation so it would be interesting to see if there is any real competitors that come out and rival against Google’s Project Stream though for now, we will have to wait and see just what the company has in mind for this year. With that said according to its CEO, Sundar Pichai during an earnings conference call, this service is already shaping up well in terms of feedback experiences so perhaps the next phase before rolling Project Stream fully will take place before 2020.


[Source: WCCFTECH]