Sega Currently Has No Plans For Yakuza Series On Xbox One

Sega has been around for decades and it certainly delivered their share of fantastic video game franchises. One of those franchises that players have flocked to over the years has been the Yakuza series which has been around since 2005 and since then the games have mainly been on the PlayStation line of video game consoles. However, over the years the games have started to branch out to other platforms such as the Nintendo Wii U and PC platforms. So it wouldn’t be surprising for some gamers to start wondering if the series will ever make its way onto Microsoft’s line of Xbox platforms. Recently, Sega finally answered back to a tweet asking about the series and Xbox One.

Gamers who were hoping that Yakuza will eventually hit the Xbox One platform will be a letdown as Sega answered back to a tweet stating that the company has no interest in delivering a port for Microsoft’s current home console release. This is a bit surprising to hear as the remakes for the Yakuza series such as Yakuza Kiwami is making its way to the PC platform after being released on the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any real reason behind why Sega is not bringing the series over to the Xbox One.

We can speculate that perhaps this is due to Sega not believing there are enough Xbox One gamers who would purchase the Yakuza titles. As a result, Sega may not be interested in taking a risk when investing the game for a release on the Microsoft latest home console platform. Again that is purely speculation on our part but we’re certainly wondering what Xbox One owners think of Sega quickly shutting down any potential for a Yakuza game title right now.


[Source: Sega]