New Kingdom Hearts 3 Video Explains the New Gameplay Mechanics, Magical Elements, and More


Square Enix and Sony have released a new video featuring the highly anticipated title, Kingdom Hearts 3.

Today’s video is centered around the game’s gameplay mechanics. Both newcomers to the series and veterans of the franchise should give this video a watch. It showcases some of the new mechanics that are introduced in the third entry of the critically acclaimed franchise.

Check out the new gameplay explanation video down below:

Trailer Description:

Welcome to the world of KINGDOM HEARTS III and Sora’s epic journey to restore light to the worlds and attempt to finally defeat Master Xehanort, the real Organization XIII, and the darkness that threatens all! Check out this video to learn more about the wide variety of attacks Sora has at his disposal to take on the darkness! 

Sora will also be able to cast magical spells, link with the spirits of legendary Disney characters, and even call upon the power of the parks with Attractions!

In related Kingdom Hearts news, the reviews for the highly anticipated title has gone live. Reviewers have been praising the game for its intuitive gameplay, and magical story and worlds.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to release next week for the PS4 and Xbox One on January 29th. Are you excited for the series finale? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube