Resident Evil 2 Remake Game Length Revealed

There is plenty of hype building up for Resident Evil 2. This remake is finally happening and after fans have pleaded with Capcom to bring out remake similar to the original Resident Evil title, you’ll soon get a chance to enjoy it on current generation platforms. What might be best yet is that there won’t be any drastic changes to the game, instead Capcom is keeping the narrative journey and gameplay true to the original for the most part. However, if you’re wondering just how long it will take on average to complete the campaign then we now have you covered.

In a recent event held in Dubai, the director of Resident Evil 2, Kazunori Kadoi, has released a statement regarding the average playtime players will end up needing to complete a campaign. As it stands right now, the game will be about ten hours for the campaign and it’s worth noting that there will be two campaigns to complete. As you may recall, the campaign follows two protagonists, Leon Kennedy, and Claire Redfield, both will have their own paths to take but they will meet up from time-to-time.

For those who may not have been around to enjoy the game when it first released, Resident Evil 2 takes place after the events of Resident Evil where our protagonist are trapped in Raccoon City. This city has quickly became overtaken by zombies due to the T-virus making it near impossible to roam around. Likewise, this is also a traditional survival horror title which means all of the action moments you may have been used to from Resident 4 through Resident Evil 6 won’t be present. Instead, supplies and resources are vital which makes for careful planning your moves to even avoiding hostile enemies when necessary.

Resident Evil 2 will be released on January 25, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and lastly the PC platforms.


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