Something “Fantastic” Is Coming To Spider-Man

One of the biggest video game releases of this past year was the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Spider-Man. This was a huge hit for Insomniac Games and it definitely has gamers around the world wondering just what Marvel IP may get a similar treatment. While most of us have probably already gone through the game and its DLC, a new teaser was revealed which could indicate that more content is coming for the game in the very near future.

Spider-Man is definitely a must-play if you own a PlayStation 4 console as its reviewed quite highly with critics and fans alike. If you’re out of the loop with the game or unsure if it’s your cup of tea then perhaps you may be interested in our coverage for the game in our Before You Buy episode upload posted above. At any rate, if you’re looking for more content to go through with the game then that may very well be a possibility this year as Marvel is celebrating the Fantastic Four IP.

Marvel Games was posting content related to the IP and just like Marvel, if you stay to the very end you’re treated with a teaser. Unfortunately, this teaser is very basic and doesn’t offer very much information at all. We’re simply told that something fantastic is heading to Spider-Man real soon. We don’t know if this means additional story content or if we’ll get a new skin. Fortunately, we don’t think we’ll be waiting too long before the actual announcement is made but it’s definitely leaving enough information to leave gamers speculating as to what the announcement may be about. Let us know what you’re hoping for by leaving a comment below.


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