Blizzard Release New Overwatch Short Story, Confirms Soldier 76 as LGBTQ Character

soldier 76

Blizzard is known for giving detailed backstories to their characters and that goes for their most recent title, Overwatch. So far there has been more than a handful of cinematic shorts that give insight into the characters we love so much. Today, Blizzard released a short story involving Anna and Soldier 76.

In typical Blizzard fashion, not only is the story well-written, but it gives us even more insight into some of the beloved characters from the game, such as Soldier 76. In the short story, we learn that Soldier 76 had a past lover named Vincent. When Anna asks Jack Morrison (Soldier 76) if he still holds a candle for Vincent, Jack denies it, and says “Vincent deserved a happier life than the one I could give him.” This is now the second canonically named LGTBQ character in Overwatch; the first character –Tracer — was announced back in 2016.

Check out the 14-page short story for yourself down below:

In recent Overwatch news, Blizzard announced the latest hero to join the fight which is Ashe. The new character comes from the new animated Overwatch short “Reunion”, which you can check out right here!

The short is super fun to watch and concerningly too good for its own right. The animation is on point, the story is told well within a short time-frame, and the tie-ins into the game are incredible. If your an Overwatch fan or a newcomer altogether, make sure to check out the new short.

Overwatch is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Blizzard