Ex-IGN Editor Reveals The Last of Us 2 Will Launch This Year

The list of highly anticipated video game titles launching in 2019 is constantly growing and we’re just now into the New Year. One of the more anticipated video games, in general, is the sequel to the much beloved Naughty Dog developed title, The Last of Us. We’ve known about the sequel for a few years now as it was unveiled during the 2016 PlayStation Experience event. It wasn’t until Sony’s E3 press conference event in 2018 that we got a bit more footage and gameplay for The Last of Us Part II, but what we don’t have is an official release date attached to the project. Instead, there is only speculation that the game will launch within a year, but now that speculation may have some backing to it thanks to a couple tweets.

Alanah Pearce is a well-known content creator which caters to the video game industry. Prior to her current employment of Funhaus, Alanah Pearce was working for IGN as an editor which would have likely put her into a few notable developers for various companies such as Naughty Dog. During a Twitter conversation, Alanah has stated that The Last of Us Part II will be launching this year and was told by a few different people in regards to the title’s launch year.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who exactly told Alanah and since she doesn’t work for Naughty Dog we’ll have to label this as a rumor for now. The development team at Naughty Dog has yet to make any statements and the tweets posted by the former IGN employee was deleted so perhaps this information was not intended to blow up as much as it did. Regardless, we’re sure that no one would be disappointed by the game releasing this year rather than being pushed back into 2020. In any case, it’s unknown just when we’ll get any official details regarding The Last of Us Part II.

Sony has recently announced their departure from E3 as this year will not feature any official press conference from Sony. Instead, it looks like Sony is trying a few new things this year, but we haven’t received any details as to what Sony has planned this year that would essentially become the alternative to their E3 press conference.


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