Call of Duty: Ghosts Changes That Will Actually Matter

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be a different game. If you paid attention to today’s livestream showcasing the game’s multiplayer, that much is clear. But what, among what we saw today, will actually push Call of Duty into the next generation? There’s plenty to talk about, and we’ll likely hear more about the AAA shooter in the coming months, but here are the major changes that we think will keep players glued to their controllers this fall.

·         Destructible environments: You might not be able to bring full buildings down, but your gunfire and explosive rounds will finally be able to crumble the maps that you’re doing battle in. Cover can be broken down, and kills can be achieved through map-specific traps. This way, camping might not be as easy as it once was.

·         Next-gen audio system: The sound of the guns in Call of Duty has never quite stacked up to its competition, but the audio team behind this next-generation product is promising a full-bodied experience that will help improve the gameplay. The pop and bang will be louder and more realistic, and that should make each and every online moment feel more intense.

·         Improved movement: Have you ever wanted to just lean over a corner and take a peek at your opposition? Finally, Ghosts will allow players to do just that, as well as mantle over cover without losing any momentum. Call of Duty has always felt smooth, but it’s only going to be better this time around.

·         Squad-based gameplay: It can be hard to actually feel like a team in the online features of Activision’s staple franchise. Unless you find a massive group of friends to enlist, you can’t avoid playing on a team without a Rambo or two. Thankfully, squad-based games will let close-knit teams excel at employing strategy, using uninhibited communication, and traveling as a group.

·         Women soldiers: It’s a bit silly that it’s taken this long for females to actually get a nod in the biggest entertainment franchise of all time. No matter the timing, women will finally play a role in a Call of Duty game, adding a greater deal of customization and representation to the online world.

Those are our picks, but what do you think will make the biggest difference? Let us know what you think about the new (and hopefully improved) Call of Duty: Ghosts, which will launch Nov. 5.