Player Unknown’s Battleground Set to Release This Week, PlayStation-Exclusive In-Game Gift Announced


Joon H. Choi Development Project Manager for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds took to the PlayStation Blog to refreshen everyone’s memory that the long-awaited arrival of Pubg on the PS4 is set to release this week, December 7th.

We’re excited to announce an exclusive gift for our PlayStation community to celebrate the launch. Starting on December 7, simply log into the game to receive the Pixel Art Parachute, inspired by the PlayStation iconic blue.

Check it out down below:


The Blog detailed the arrival of PUBG on PS4 last month, but just send out a refresher for everyone, they went on to detail what PS4 users can expect when the game launches later this week:

PlayStation Launch Day – December 7

What can you expect on launch day? You’ll get to experience the heart-pounding, last-man-standing action of PUBG gameplay on three iconic maps:

  • Erangel, the first map of PUBG. An 8×8 km map resembling a Russian military testing facility
  • Miramar, the second map created for PUBG. An 8×8 km map set in the deserts of Central and South America
  • Sanhok, the smallest map (4×4 km) based in the jungles of the Southeast Asia region

Player Unknown’s Battleground is set to release on the PS4 this week, December 7th. Are you excited for the highly anticipated battle royale title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog