Rockstar Games Launches Official Red Dead Redemption 2 Clothing Line

Fans around the world are diving into the latest release from Rockstar Games. Red Dead Redemption 2 was a massively anticipated video game release and now that it’s out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, gamers are going through the campaign and the online beta. With such a successful video game launch and one that still anticipated for PC gamers, it appears that Rockstar Games is looking to capitalize on the IP through a clothing line.

That’s right you too can wear the same type of threads that your protagonist Arthur sports in his grand journey. Red Dead Redemption 2 collection was announced for Barking Irons, an online retailer that offers a few different shirts among other items such as a jacket that’s fashioned off the successful old west video game. In the mix is the Gunslinger Jacket, the Railroad Shirt, Union Henley, Saddle Bag, and a Riding Duffel Bag.

These items can fetch a hefty price of $92 for the more standard white Union Henley shirt to $325 if you wish to sport the Riding Duffel Bag. If you’re a massive fan of the Red Dead Redemption universe and want a bit more of it in your daily lives then these new clothes and bags may be perfect or perhaps perfect for someone else for the holiday season.

[Source: Gamerant]