Nintendo Drops Strict Video Coverage Guidelines

If you enjoy creating content for YouTube or other media websites then you know that there is always a strict line between what can cause a copyright strike. This could lead to bans and loss of profits but there are some instances that may be harder than others such as Nintendo’s line of games. Nintendo for a while now has created a few hoops to jump through otherwise they would end up sending copyright strikes and takedown notices leaving most gamers to leave out Nintendo games altogether. But now it seems that Nintendo is loosening the restrictions.

A new guideline was published and it essentially demolishes their creator’s program. Now it seems that gamers can upload let’s plays among other content online without the fear of being targeted by Nintendo. This may prove to be well worth doing on Nintendo’s end as before they carried themselves as all content featuring their products belong solely to them. Instead of forcing profits from content creators, their line of video games may be shown off to a wide audience that could result in more sales for the video game.

This is all new and fresh from Nintendo and you’ll want to read over the new guideline to make sure you’re not crossing into any territory that will result in copyright hits or takedown notices. Of course, there are still rules in place such as falsely claiming sponsorship or affiliation with Nintendo likewise you can’t post content early if you manage to get a game ahead of launch. But with all that said, this is likely something well received from YouTubers and streamers worldwide.

[Source: Game Informer]