Sony Announces New Personal Journey Indie Title, The First Tree; New Trailer Debuts

The PlayStation Blog has announced a new indie game from director David Wehle, The First Tree.

This is the first time we are hearing about the game and it is already set to release tomorrow on the PS4. The game takes inspiration from some of the director’s favorite titles, Everyone Gone to Rapture and Journey. People might peg this game as a walking simulator but Wehle decides to argue that it is filled with platforming gameplay, puzzles, and plenty of other secrets.

Check out the trailer for the new game down below:

The director of the game, David Wehle took to the PlayStation Blog to give  a little backstory to himself and the game, check it out down below:

The two games which had the biggest influence on me by far were Journey and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. I loved the visuals, music, and story that unfolded through poignant words or no words at all. I explored a new place and simultaneously learned something new about myself. I needed to make something beautiful like that.

A few years back, my dad passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. I wasn’t one to talk about it and had a hard time opening up, but I still wanted to communicate with others who had suffered loss — so that they could tell me it would be okay, and that I could tell them the same. I combined the inspiration I received from those aforementioned games and all the feelings of loss I had into my own story about a fox and a son.

The First Tree is set to release tomorrow November 30th, for the PS4.

Source: PS Blog