PlayStation 5 Mentioned In Square Enix Linkedin Profile

We’ve been seeing rumors and speculation pieces online regarding the upcoming PlayStation console. There is no surprise when it comes to Microsoft and Sony are working on the next generation consoles as both have made mention of it in the past but we have yet to see any indication as to what we can expect fully from these new systems. As for Sony, we don’t even know if it will officially be called the PlayStation 5, though the likelihood is quite high. Now a new shred of information regarding the next generation Sony console has popped up online.

According to a developer Linkedin profile, it appears that the next console from Sony will be called the PlayStation 5. This is nothing too big or exciting as we expected Sony to follow their own trend when it comes to naming their consoles but according to the profile, we do know that Luminous Productions has a new game in the works. The post itself comes from a lead 3D character model artist from Square Enix’s Luminous Productions group. Tomohiro Tokoro is the profile we’re referring to, though he has since removed his profile entirely.

His past works include Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy XIII, The Last Remnant, among other Square Enix titles. We don’t know specifically what video game is in the works, but according to a screenshot taken by PlayStation Lifestyle, it appears that this is a new triple AAA video game titles currently in developed for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

This isn’t the only new rumor and speculation from this month. Earlier we made mention of the new patent that recently became public which showcases Sony’s interest in adding a touchscreen component to the next DualShock controller. Currently, there doesn’t appear to be any indication as to when Sony will be making the grand unveiling of their next console platform.

[Source: PlayStation Lifestyle]