Adi Shankar Reveals He’s Working On A New Video Game TV Series

We’ve seen countless attempts to bring video games into a media and for the most part, these attempts where left unsatisfactory for fans of the franchise. However, one particular media attempt has broken the mold. We’re referring to Netflix’s Castlevania series which sparked quite a bit of interest from both fans of the franchise and newcomers. Being an animated series, the series which Adi Shankar took the role of an executive producer was brutal and dark. Now that the latest season has released and a third currently in production, we’ve been wondering if more video game franchises will follow suit.

Well, it looks like that may be the case as Adi Shankar recently took to Instagram and revealed that a new show is in the works. Nothing has been unveiled at the moment, but according to the Instagram post, this series comes from an iconic Japanese company along with being an iconic video game franchise. Most everyone online is jumping to the conclusion that it’s Nintendo and the series will be based on The Legend of Zelda franchise. The Wrap recently reached out to Nintendo for a comment though a spokesperson only stated that Nintendo had nothing to comment about at the current moment.


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The success of Castlevania created this opportunity.

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Perhaps that Nintendo is quick to not dismiss this rumor circulation is an indicator that there is some truth to Nintendo working with Adi to bring a new Netflix show on their The Legend of Zelda IP. Again, there’s no confirmation at the moment so we’ll have to simply wait for more information to release. At any rate, we’ll continue to keep tabs on this story and update you if there are any developments.

[Source: The Wrap]