My Hero Academia: One Justice Tips and Combos Tricks Detailed; Available Now for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Banda Namco has released their highly anticipated fighting title, My hero Academia: One Justice and many fans are loving it so far.  Community Specialist at Bandai Namco took to the PlayStation Blog to give some helpful tips and tricks for the game!

My Hero Academia: One Justice is filled with characters from the show; regardless of how big a character they are, if you’re thinking about them, they should probably be there. With such an ensemble set of characters, learning their special techniques, combos, and tricks could get difficult. This is where Wesson came through in the clutch.

Some helpful tips have been detailed, but only for a certain amount of characters. Check out the rips and trick guide down below:

Shoto Todoroki

Todoroki is both an onslaught of offense and an impenetrable barrier. His balance of fire and ice makes him an incredibly formidable opponent. But, if you’re not able to master some basic combos to keep your opponents on edge, Todoroki can leave himself open to some brutal attacks. Here is one to get started.

First, close the distance between you and your opponent with your Gliding Ice Stalagmite – you will ride a wave of ice towards whichever direction you’re pointing. Right as you approach your enemy, jump into the air and send a trail of fire towards your opponent with Fire Breath.

Ochaco Uraraka
My Hero One's Justice: Ochaco Uraraka

Always a competitor for Best Girl in the anime, Ochaco Uraraka has some great offensive ability with an incredible sense of range. Not only can she make up to 3 items float in midair and smack them at her opponent from long range, she can also be extremely troublesome up close. Here’s a fun combo for you all to try out.

First, render your opponent helpless with Uravity’s Zero Gravity Touch. They will start floating up into the air giving you just enough time to jump up and slam them back to the ground with her unblockable attack (press down and square to initiate, while in mid-air). You’ll grab their face and bring them back to the ground before they know what hit them.

Shota AizawaMy Hero One's Justice: Shota Aizawa

There’s a reason why Shota Aizawa is the teacher of UA’s class 1A – he’s an incredibly skilled Pro Hero. His tactics are mostly defensive and ranged, but also allow you to erase your opponents quirks while at a distance. Let’s learn some easy combos with Eraser Head. 

First, set yourself up at mid distance from your opponent. Then, use capture to immobilize your enemy with Eraser Head’s scarf.

Now from here, you have some options. Either pull your opponent in closer to you with the analog stick, giving you just enough time to dash in for a close attack. Or, you can press circle again to throw them off towards the edge of the map; a great option for stages with ring outs. But if you’re feeling confident and daring, feel free to pull them in and immediately use his signature move Erasure, immobilizing them once again while erasing their quirks completely for 12 seconds.

My Hero One's Justice: Fumikage Tokoyami

Fumikage Tokoyami

Make way for Tsukuyomi! You got it – Fumikage Tokoyami will have your opponents running for the winds because of the offensive barrage that is Dark Shadow. Let’s revel in the dark for a moment…

First start off by calling Dark Shadow to the field with Shadow Puppet.

After bringing him out, make sure to keep your opponents at bay with Dark Secrets, an attack that lets Dark Shadow unleash a flurry of punches on your opponent. Now keep in mind, your attacks will differ depending on if Dark Shadow is on the field or not, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the changes. When Dark Shadow is not present, Dark Secrets will force Dark Shadow towards your opponent for the flurry, while if he is present already, your punches won’t have much distance. Then, while your enemy is dealing with Dark Shadow’s relentless barrage, use 1 Gauge of energy activate Monstrous Feast, and let Dark Shadow take it from here. If it hits, your opponent will have to deal with that barrage of punches once more, but this time they’ll be backed with some anger and hurt a lot more.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you on in your journey of becoming the best hero. But like Wesson mentions, there’s no specific way to play, the abilities of your sidekicks, depending on who you’re going up against, all these factors come into play when the match starts, so take that into consideration. Fans who pre-order the title will also receive number 2 hero Endeavour for free; so make sure to pre-order if you like Endeavour!

My Hero Academia: One Justice is available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch this Friday, October 26. Have you been playing the latest fighting title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog