EA Motive Studio Head Jade Raymond Quits

Electronic Arts have a number of studios that are working on various IPs and projects. One of the more recently established development studios, EA Motive, is now without a studio head. Jade Raymond has officially taken herself out of the company with Electronic Arts making the official statement earlier today. Now it remains to be seen if the studio will receive a new head along with what adventure is next for Jade Raymond.

As mentioned, EA Motive is a relatively new studio and it only has one video game title released at the current moment. Back in 2017, EA Motive was working alongside with Criterion Games and EA DICE to deliver Star Wars Battlefront II. Since then, the only other project confirmed to be in the works by EA Motive is an untitled Star Wars game that was being developed in collaboration with Visceral Games, until the studio was killed off. Being only three years old, EA Motive has a number of employees working that will need new guidance, likely under Samantha Ryan, who looks over several studios.

Jade Raymond worked on a number of great projects during her career which ranges from The Sims, Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs following up with her partnership with Electronic Arts in 2015. We’re interested in seeing just where Jade heads next and just what her next project will end up being.

Currently, Jade Raymond has not made any statements regarding her departure from EA Motive, though we will keep you updated on the very latest.

[Source: Venturebeat]