Star Wars: Attack Squadrons Domains Registered by Disney

LucasFilm has recently registered a series of web domains associated with mystery project Star Wars: Attack Squadrons which may be for an upcoming EA game., and are among the domains registered. EA currently owns and which would seem to suggest a game is in the works by that name although it could be a film, book, comic or anything else related to the Star Wars franchise.

In May this year, EA and Disney announced a multiyear agreement which gave EA the exclusive rights to develop and publish major console and PC Star Wars games. At the time it was revealed that DICE, BioWare and Visceral are all going to make games as part of the deal.

It's possible another EA studio is involved in Attack Squadrons or it could be Visceral's title. BioWare previously developed Star Wars: The Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic

During EA's pre-E3 media briefing last month a new entry in the Star Wars: Battlefront series was announced by DICE and is said to be "well into development".  

Source: Fusible.

Via: Gamespot