For Honor Marching Fire Expansion Detailed; Free Visual Remaster for the Game Announced

Youssef Maguid, Associate Communication Specialist at Ubisoft took to the PlayStation Blog to update For Honor fans on their upcoming expansion – Marching Fire.

The new expansion comes with a slew of updates including four new Wu Lin faction Heroes and a new Arcade mode that offers unlimited PvE content. In addition to that, players will also be treated to a new 4vs4 Breach mode, alongside a rehaul on the game’s graphics.

The remastered rehaul of graphics will bring better textures, lightings, and characters models to the game for free. This means even if you don’t pick up the Marching Fire expansion, you will still be able to jump back into For Honor and experience the new updated graphics for free!

Maguid passes it over to Christian Diaz, Art Director on For Honor to discuss in more detail the new rehaul on graphics.












How did you decide to take on this remaster project?

Christian Diaz: It actually started early in 2017, just before the game launched. I had thought of a few things that I was hoping we could improve down the line and spoke with some team members before we decided to try to make it happen. We knew that if the art team could utilize the new and improved features from the 3D programming team that we could improve the visuals of the game.

What part of these graphical improvements are you most proud of?

CD: The whole thing really. The amount of work that went into this remaster was huge. Usually, when you ship a game, you don’t have a chance to rework the stuff you just shipped, but since the beginning, we knew we were a platform, and if we wanted this platform to be alive then we needed to do anything we could to improve the game on every level. It’s an opportunity you don’t get often. I’m still so happy that we were able to do it at all, because it’s so rare to get to immediately improve on your work.

Diaz answers a lot of questions concerning the remastered graphics, so if you want to check out the full interview, head over to the PS Blog!

For Honor’s upcoming expansion pack, Marching Fire is set to release next week on October 16 for all platforms. For Honor’s base game is now available to play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Will you be picking up the upcoming expansion, Marching Fire? Let us know down in the comments section below!

Source: PS Blog