Kingdom Hearts 3 Rumored To Release On Nintendo Switch

One of the bigger video game titles set to release within 2019 is Kingdom Hearts 3. After years of waiting, the third main installment to the Kingdom Hearts franchise will soon be available for gamers to enjoy. However, since its announcement, the game was only set to release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. That may change as a new rumor is circulating around online that suggests Kingdom Hearts 3 may release on the Nintendo Switch.

This is purely a rumor at the moment but it comes from YouTuber DreamcastGuy. Apparently, the YouTuber knows a source close to Square Enix who claims that the company is in talks with Nintendo in order to bring over Kingdom Hearts 3 on the latest Nintendo hybrid console. If talks progress then Square Enix can start developing for the platform and release the game likely after the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms.

While the game is quickly approaching the market, the narrative is a bit of a cluster with a number of different games spread across a plethora of platforms. Thankfully Square Enix is putting out Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far which tosses in all of the plot-heavy video game titles into one compilation for gamers to enjoy.

This particular title will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 this October 30, 2018. Kingdom Hearts 3, on the other hand, will be launching on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms in January of 2019.

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