Sony Has No Plans For PlayStation Vita Successor

Sony had a real stake in the mobile market with their PlayStation Portable. It proved to be an excellent gaming handheld and gave a real competitor against Nintendo. However, when the handheld finally saw a successor in the PlayStation Vita, Sony failed to keep the momentum. This left Nintendo to thrive with their Nintendo 3DS along and even more so with the recent hybrid console release of the Nintendo Switch.

As some of us likely expected, the PlayStation Vita is soon seeing the end of its days which has been a long time coming. Sony originally dropped support for big video game releases for the system just a few years ago and now we’ll soon see the end of physical video game releases in general. Recently, Sony decided to pull the plug for the PlayStation Vita when it comes to the Japan market as the production for the handheld will be ending in the coming month.

With that said, it seems that the production will continue for other markets, but just how long it will continue remains to be seen. As previously unveiled, the physical video game releases for the PlayStation Vita will be coming to an end in February of 2019. For some gamers out there it was curious as to if the video game industry giant will bring out a successor to the PlayStation Vita but that doesn’t look likely.

Sony’s Interactive Entertainment senior vice president, Hiroyuki Oda, spoke stated that there are no plans for a new Sony handheld and that with Japan, the PlayStation Vita will halt production of the PlayStation Vita in 2019.

Again, this doesn’t come to much surprise as the PlayStation Vita has been struggling to find its place in the market since its release.

[Source: Gematsu]