Sony Confirms PlayStation Classic Will Feature Select Games For Different Regions

The classic editions of consoles are becoming more and more popular. So far Nintendo has offered the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic along with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic. These are essentially small condensed size consoles that mimic the visuals of the original console, while also functioning as a game system. Instead of being able to play physical games, the manufacturer will load a number of iconic video game titles into the system. As mentioned, they are becoming quite popular and now adding to the mix is Sony’s original PlayStation.

This announcement came out of the blue but is easily gaining attention around the world. Gamers will soon have the original PlayStation console this December. The system is apparently 45% smaller while coming with two original DualShock controllers and lastly twenty video game titles preloaded into the system. Unfortunately, we’ve been waiting for the final list of games to be released into the public as Sony only released five video game titles confirmed to be included in that list.

So far the video game titles confirmed are Final Fantasy VII, Wild Arms, Tekken 3, Jumping Flash, and lastly, Ridge Racer Type 4. Unfortunately, while Sony is remaining tight lipped on the other video game titles, we do have some new details regarding the decision Sony is making when it comes to picking the video game titles.

For instance, Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president, Hiroyuki Oda, stated at the Tokyo Game Show that there will be a few differences in terms of what video game titles are included on the console between the various market regions. It’s likely that these games are being selected based on being known mostly on the PlayStation platform along with its popularity within the various regions.

As a result, this may be a collective item for gamers who wish to have all of the available console units. At any rate, what video game titles are you hoping makes it on the PlayStation Classic? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.


[Source: Pure PlayStation]