Capcom Shuts Down Dead Rising Development Studio

It’s been reported today through GameSpot that Capcom has decided to close the Capcom Vancouver studio. This is the subsidiary that was responsible for the Dead Rising franchise along with its latest mobile video game release, Puzzle Fighter. However, effective today, the studio has closed its doors with the staff being laid off.

We’re unsure as to why exactly the development studio decided to close the Vancouver branch but it’s disheartening to learn that the employees there have been laid off. A spokesperson stated to GameSpot that the company is reviewing their development resources and that there is new positions being available within the Osaka headquarter.

“Capcom is currently reviewing the allocation of its development resources that support the production of world-class content.

As part of this overall direction, the CV studio will suspend operations, effective today, so the current staff will be laid off and the office will be closed. We appreciate the hard work and contributions of all the studio team members in creating unforgettable gameplay experiences for the Dead Rising series and Puzzle Fighter.”

As for the current projects that were being developed within the studio, they have all been cancelled. It’s also uncertain just what projects was in the works at the particular subsidiary and what this means to the Dead Rising franchise.

Regardless, it looks like Capcom is making some big changes and it certainly has us wondering what the company planning on in the future. At any rate, we will continue to update you on the latest from Capcom right here at

[Source: GameSpot]