Humble Bundle Monthly Features Overwatch For October 2018

The Humble Bundle website has always been a great source to grab video games for a nice deal. Normally we cover the various bundles being offered for gamers to purchase and enjoy right now, but now we have an inside look as to what October 2018 Humble Monthly subscription will feature. If you’re unfamiliar with the Humble Monthly, this service allows gamers the ability to subscribe to a monthly service where players will receive a number of video game titles for just the low cost of $12 a month.

Each month is centered around one big video game with additional games being offered early within the featured month. Take for example September of 2018 where Humble Monthly offered gamers the choice between an early copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider of Sniper Elite, Tales of Berseria and Staxel.

Outside of those two choices, gamers also received Little Nightmares, Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition, Battle Chef Brigade, Zombie Night Terror, Figment, and lastly, Ethereal. All of these games retail for a total of $222 which is a nice saving, but of course, each month Humble Bundle only teases one main title for the upcoming month.

As mentioned, we now know what Humble Monthly of October 2018 will center around. Gamers who purchase a monthly subscription will gain access to Overwatch with the other games for the monthly being revealed at a later date.

At any rate, the monthly subscription is already giving players a deal as Overwatch itself costs $39.99.


[Source: Humble Bundle]