Enterbrain reveals Pikmin 3 sales success, 53 % sell through rate in 2 days

This news comes from correspondent David Gibson, who covers gaming in Japan, and took figures from Enterbrain, publisher of famed gaming magazine Famitsu. Bear in mind that  Enterbrain and Media Create are competitors in releasing game sales figures in Japan. They always end up with different numbers given methodologies, but Nintendo favors Media Create in their own reports.

Pikmin 3 sells 102k in 2 days in Japan but leaves another 91k on the shelves,becomes #3 biggest seller in wk1 after NSMU and MH3HD for WiiU

So Pikmin 3 did exceedingly well, but is not a complete sellout at launch. This slipped by us when we first reported the numbers from Media Create, but impressively enough, Pikmin 3 shot to the top of Media Create's sales charts after being out for only 2 days of that reported week. Enterbrain also cites different numbers at 102,000 sold out of 193,400 shipped units, and it's not quite clear who would have more accurate numbers. It now sits as the number 3 biggest selling game in the 1st week for the Wii U, after New Super Mario Wii U and Monster Hunter 3D. Enterbrain cites the rise in Wii U hardware sales from 6,400 units last week to 20,700 this week. In combination with New Super Luigi U and others, total Wii U software sales top at 148,000 units, also the highest since its last zenith 4 weeks after launch.

Speaking of New Super Luigi U, that game sold 27,000 units but has 57,000 more sitting on store shelves. It should be noted that Enterbrain only has retail sales for these titles, so we will have to wait on Nintendo to confirm sales for the DLC version of the game, this being the company's first dalliance into purchasable DLC.

Pikmin sold 53 % of its stock in the first week, which compares to New Super Mario U selling 70 % of its stock at its launch week last December. The most amazing thing about this, though, is that these are only numbers from Pikmin's first two days in the market. Next week's numbers should prove to be very interesting.