CD Projekt Red Reveals Why They Initially Kept Gameplay Footage Away From Public

One of the more anticipated video game releases that don’t have a launch date attached is CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. The game is coming from the same creators who delivered the much-beloved series, The Witcher. However, instead of a medieval style fantasy RPG, players will be taken into a futuristic world filled with corruption and big corporations.

The hype is only building as gamers were finally given access to gameplay footage. This is the same footage that the media witnessed during E3 2018 and then again at Gamescom. However, for most of us, all we were given was accounts of what the gameplay consisted of through media reports. That changed earlier this week when the development team decided to release the nearly hour gameplay footage of their upcoming title.

This footage gave players an early inside look at the first-person RPG experience. That may have left you wondering just why the development team decided to finally release the gameplay video. Adam Badowski, the game director and head of CD Projekt Red’s studio stated in a press release that the team was uneasy about revealing gameplay of a video game that is still very much being worked on.

While most have thought the gameplay reveal is impressive, there is still a big potential of Cyberpunk 2077 being changed. Adam Badowski admitted that some of the key elements such as gunplay, netrunning, car physics, and even the game’s UI are in the playtest phase. This ultimately means that the game is subjected to change while the developers decide on a final design.

There have been reports in the past that stated CD Projekt Red has a full version of the game that is playable from start to finish, but the development team is still working on several components both mechanically and visually.


[Source: GameSpot]