The Forest Has Officially Received its Release Date for the PS4; Set to Launch This November


Anna Terekhova, a developer at Endnight Games Ltd, took to the PlayStation Blog to announce that the long-awaited arrival of The Forest for the PS4 will come to an end on November 6.

Yes, The Forest is locked and loaded to release on the PS4 on November 6. The Forest puts you in the shoes of a father looking for his missing son after you guys both survive a passenger plane crash. Players will have to build shelter, hunt food, and make sure you stay alive all while trying to find your son.

The game is filled with survival horror elements. Players will not only have to stay alive, but they will have to manage to keep strange clans people who are live on the island at bay, hunt ferocious animals, and much more.

Anna also noted that The Forest has implemented a multiplayer option after a huge demand for the feature. Now players can join up to three of their friends and try to survive while searching for their missing sons. The Forest will test your sanity and you will need to keep your cool.

The Forest is set to release for the PS4 on November 6. Are you excited for the game to officially be released? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PlayStation Blog