Grand Theft Auto 5: Rockstar reveals more information on GTA V’s animals

The surprising source for this round's latest batch of GTA V information is longtime Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. 

We had extensive coverage for Franklin's pet dog, Chop. Now, Famitsu confirms you will be able to replace Chop's (or any other pet dog's) accessories, such as their collar. You will also want to keep your eyes out for them, though, because you can lose your pet dog. Wild animals will also be in the game, and you can choose to hunt them. Famitsu says there will be more than 15 animals, although it's unclear if they're referring only to wild animals or to all the animals for the entire game.

Outside of this, each character will have a particular walk, adding to the realism, and overall animations for these will be improved. As earlier revealed in some character art, there will be an underwater mission. Trevor and Michael will get to go to this mission together, in jet skis.

FInally, Famitsu confirms GTA V's Japanese release date of October 10, 2013, for both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.

The more details are revealed, the more sim like GTA V seems. It also seems like Rockstar is going for a strong international push, given all this exclusive information shared with Famitsu. Grand Theft Auto appears to be one of those evergreen franchises, but Rockstar still has to face the Japanese gamer's stiff resistance with Western games. The Last Of Us itself recently saw very strong sales in the country at launch, only for it to dip in succeeding weeks.