Singapore’s Xian is EVO 2013’s SSFIV:AE2013 Champion


Singapore's Xian has been crowned the champion of EVO 2013's Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2013 tournament.

Xian and his partner Zhi have been a huge part of the fighting game community for a number of years now and have been a part of Cross Counter Asia, helping players learn the ins and outs of Street Fighter IV. This year has been Xian's year, however. Quite possibly the best Gen player in the world, Xian plays a a highly technical character that requires an incredible amount of patience and accuracy to play.

Tokido has been known for his high level Akuma play, but even he couldn't overcome Xian's Gen. Coming in from the loser's bracket, Tokido had a mountain of a task before him. Though he didn't end up resetting the bracket, he fought well. Just not quite enough, unfortunately.

What an incredible EVO this was! Seeing Sako's Ibuki in top 8 was a personal joy to me. Did you have any favorite moments?