Telltale Games Feels Engine Change Will Lead To Better Gameplay Experiences

Telltale Games has become an iconic video game developer who has brought out a wide range of narrative-driven video game titles based around already established IPs such as The Walking Dead. Recently the game series has launched a new season known as The Walking Dead: The Final Season which will conclude the story of Clementine. However, it looks like the development studio recognizes that their games have started to fall behind in terms of performance.

It was announced in the past but once again brought up during Gamescom that Telltale Games will be moving on to the Unity game engine. Speaking with Eurogamer, Brodie Andersen, an executive producer for The Walking Dead series, revealed that the development team had noticed issues with their Tool engine when it came to some of the gameplay elements that tended to let players down.

While the developers are normally known for delivering a sound narrative journey, the Telltale Games were heavily reliant in QTE but that may soon change. With Unity, Telltale Games are able to deliver players a fresh new experience such as over the should cameras and unscripted combat.

“It was really important this season to build some time in to make some improvements to the Tool to add polish and quality of life experience. Rendering was one of the big ones, we now have fully dynamic lighting, we’re using a different art style we call Graphic Black which is tailored to look like a living comic book. Animation as well, specifically facial movements, an over the shoulder camera and unscripted combat where in the past we’ve relied on QTE experiences.”

However, this is something that is still being worked on as Telltale Games is still relying on their Tool engine to deliver fans the latest season of The Walking Dead. While it looks like the developers are all for moving onto Unity, we’re interested in seeing just what game will use the engine first. Speculation that The Wolf Among Us Season Two will be using Unity but again, we’ll have to wait and see when the title is officially unveiled.

[Source: Eurogamer]