Shovel Knight announces new female character Shield Knight

Yacht Club Games has revealed a new character in the Shovel Knight universe: Shield Knight, Shovel Knight's beloved and adventuring partner and the reason for the quest.

Continuing with the unconventional weapons theme, Shield Knight carries a small shield on her wrist and a larger shield nearly the size of her entire body. Her description reveals she can easily defend against melee and ranged attacks before counterattacking up close. In the game's main story, Shield Knight apparently mysteriously disappears, and Shovel Knight undertakes this adventure to find her.

Yacht Club Games explained that they had already revealed all of the game's bosses under the Order of No Quarter awhile back. Thankfully, they turned their backs on that statement and since then revealed the Black Knight as well as Shield Knight. They also previously announced three of the Boss characters will be playable, all Bosses to be made playable in Battle Mode, and a Gender Swap mode, but they haven't quite connected all the dots yet.

Obviously, the game has seen some expanded development after doing some design hangouts with some backers, which were included as provisions in the Kickstarter campaign. They even shared a shot of a whiteboard after brainstorming some ideas for the Order of No Quarter.

Yacht Club also shared screenshots of Mole Knight's stage. As they say, progress on the game is going well and they hope to share even more soon.

Yacht Club will continue to collect input from the community, as they announced surveys will be sent to the backers next week. It really does seem like the game is shaping up exactly how the fans would want it, and we can't wait for its pending release. We've been covering this game since they announced their Kickstarter.